ƒo⁺ – From components to next generation systems

Eight leading Thuringian Photonics companies and two prestigious research institutes have teamed up in the »Innovative Regional Growth Core« fo+ [freeform optics plus] to develop and market innovative freeform optical systems.

The challenge: six levels to innovation

  • design
  • materials
  • manufacturing
  • coating
  • structuring
  • system integration

The alliance unites all aspects of added value for the purpose of producing high-quality and efficient freeform optical systems for national and international customers.

The project started in January 2014 and will run for three years.

Premiere für Freiformdemonstratoren

150 internationale Gäste kommen zum öffentlichen Workshop nach Jena

Mehr als 150 Experten aus 12 Ländern waren ins Abbe Center of Photonics gekommen, um über aktuelle Bearbeitungstechnologien für Asphären und Freiformen zu diskutieren. Im Rahmen des Workshops präsentierten die Bündnispartner des Wachstumskern fo+ [freeform optics plus] erstmalig ihre Demonstratoren. Programm »

More than 130 guests from 11 nations expected

The workshop »Ultra Precision Manufacturing of Aspheres & Freeforms« on 21 and 22 September 2016 highlights current developments in the field of asphere and freeform manufacturing. In the first session of the technology workshop, the partners of the regional growth core fo+ [freeform optics plus] present the outcomes of their collaboration. The demonstrators that were developed in the course of the project will be presented to the public for the first time.

workshop program »

Freeform optics for IR image processing in miniature systems

The Thuringian growth core fo+ [freeform optics plus] finalised the development of a complete technological manufacturing chain for freeform optics

A dangerous scenario in daily traffic: the sudden appearance of pedestrians on the lane. Dependent on the lighting and weather conditions, some drivers see the red light too late. Driver assistance systems can help prevent these situations by making the unseen visible. For that purpose, systems need a compact design with low space requirements. A main goal of the fo+ consortium is the manufacture and establishment of these miniature systems for image processing.

Read the article in PHOTONIK magazine (German) »

Growth core plays in freeform top-division

The fo+ consortium draws a positive balance at mid-term

There is no halftime-break for the players of the Thuringian Growth Core fo+ [freeform optics plus]. Too many items are still waiting on the agenda. Yet, the eight industry partners and two research institutes have taken their time to draw a positive balance. At the beginning of september they presented their project results during the international SPIE conference »Optical Systems Design« in Jena. 400 international experts had the opportunity to visit the fo+ booth at the accompanying exhibition.

The German Article in Unternehmen Region »

SPIE OSD: International optical community visits Jena

Public workshop 2015 during leading international expert conference

The international SPIE conference »Optical Systems Design« took place from 7th to 10th september 2015 at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. More than 400 experts from 20 countries discussed new developments in the field of optical system design. For the first time, the regional Growth Core fo+ presented project results and work fields to an international audience. Moreover, the alliance partners were present at the accompanying exhibition. As regional cooperation partner, OptoNet e.V. informed about the photonics cluster Jena and recent network activities.

Article in Ostthüringer Zeitung »

Conference review »

Public workshop 2015

Alliance partners present project results at international expert conference SPIE Optical Systems Design

More than 400 international experts will meet at the SPIE conference Optical Systems Design in Jena from September 7 - 10, 2015. The conference is is the premier European event for optical instrumentation with the latest advances in optical systems applications, materials, and processing. The fo+ alliance partners will present their project results in numerous presentations and during the accompanying exhibition. OptoNet supports the conference as cooperation partner.

conference website | program | participants

asphericon presents first results of the research project fo+ in Munich

asphericon exhibits at the influential trade fair LASER World of Photonics from June 22nd to 25th 2015 in Munich. At booth 312 in hall B1, the company displays new developments in the field of beam shaping and high-class IR-aspheres, as well as first results of the fo+ project. more »

Go West: ƒo⁺ represented at Photonics West 2015

Freeform Optics Plus presents project in San Francisco

The most influential Photonics convention SPIE Photonics West attracted more than 21,000 visitors this year. Among the exhibitors were 8 of the 10 ƒo⁺ project partners, who represented the Regional Groth Core from Frebruary 10 to 12 in the Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco. more »

120 guests attend workshop ›Ultra Precision Manufacturing of Aspheres & Freeforms‹

More than 120 experts from nine countries met on 8 and 9 September 2014 to discuss recent developments in the field. In a preceeding session, the partners of the »Innovative Regional Growth Core« fo+ introduced themselves to the public. Hans-Peter Hiepe of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research delivered a welcome speech. Project goals and first project results were displayed in a poster exhibition. Based on the expertise of the Fraunhofer Institute, eight Thuringian photonic companies and the Institute of Applied Physics at FSU Jena cooperate for three years in order to achieve product and technology leadership.


fo+ goes public


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